Viper Flasher USB available and more

Viper Flasher USB is the tool that lets you flash your Viper GC Extreme and Viper GC using the Viper USB Adapter. Its first version is included in the downloads section. The Viper USB Adapter driver is included in the package, don’t forget to install it first!

Installation instructions for the Viper GC Extreme are now available as well.

Regarding the Viper GC Extreme BIOS, Viper GC Extreme is backward compatible with Viper GC’s BIOS’. The only feature of current BIOS’ that won’t be compatible is flash from media/network, because the flash chip has been changed. If you don’t want to use USB for flashing, always make sure you’re using a BIOS that has been designed for use with the Viper GC Extreme, and that supports flashing from media.

New low-level features have been incorporated into the Viper GC Extreme chip including a couple of General Purpose I/O ports along with other enhancements. Updated documentation will be available soon, as well as USB coding documentation.