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Mrs Allonby wrote: Food Tech 2
Bread making brilliance! Once again we were treated to share the afternoon with Mrs Newton at BHS. (More)
Mrs Allonby wrote: Material Worlds
Mrs Allonby wrote: DT skills session
We made sock puppets today to reinforce our understand of joining techniques. A HUGE thank you to Mrs Park, Mrs Harmer, Mrs Dix, Miss Mellor and Mrs Smith for helping us with our sewing today. (More)
Mrs Allonby wrote: PLEASE!
Try hard to search for fabric remnants for our DT work! Your child should know which colours they want to use. Please don't buy anything, recycle old clothes, dusters, teatowels etc. I really do appreciate the help with colecting fabric, and for t (More)
Mrs Allonby wrote: Light it up!
The children worked very hard to make their DT creations on Friday: (More)
Mrs Allonby wrote: Illuminasia
What a wonderful venue! (More)
Mrs Allonby wrote: DT Moving Creature designs.
We have worked very hard to create these final design pieces, they turned out brilliantly. (More)
Mrs Allonby wrote: Reception class visit
We visited Reception class today, to give each pupil their teddy. Reception Teddies on PhotoPeach (More)
Mrs Allonby wrote: DT
We have been very busy this week, using lots of DT skills in order to make a little gift for each of our new Reception class children. We look forward to giving our work to them next Thursday. (More)
Mrs Allonby wrote: Sound(s spectacular!)