100_0570Welcome to the Harris PTFA

Our PTFA meets half termly to review recent fundraising activities and to plan for the future. We really need new members; everyone is welcome so come along if you can.

We are always in need of new fundraising ideas. Everyone with a child in the school is automatically a member of the PTFA and is entitled and very welcome to attend meetings.

The money raised is used to help buy additional resources that the school budget often doesn’t stretch to.

We have recently raised £10,530 towards a trim trail for our KS2 playground.

Over the past two years we have funded various projects including the purchase of:

  • netbook computers for the children to use in the classroom

  • leavers’ gifts and meal at a local Italian restaurant for Year 6

  • whole school theatre group visit

  • contribution towards class History Days

  • digital cameras

  • football equipment

Please support PTFA events when you can.100_0601

To view upcoming events and fund raising, please visit the PTFA Blog