Comments from Parents

Comments from our Parent Questionnaire


“We have been really impressed with the standards at Harris School. Our son has really come on in the short space of time he has been in Reception.”

“The ‘Harris Standard’ is great and really instills a good behaviour attitude at school.”

“‘Harris Standard’ has a positive impact at home too!”

“I know (my child) is very happy because she always talks about school, her teachers and friends to everyone she meets. School is having a positive influence in her life.”

(My child) won a star award this week. He was taken to McDonalds as a treat. Two older pupils approached him in the queue and congratulated him on his award. This is the typical behaviour of Harris students and a great example of the Harris Standard being applied outside of the school environment.

“Harris is a fabulous school. It promotes healthy living, a great attitude to learning and offers every child a range of great opportunities. My child loves school and is making good progress due to the dedication of the wonderful staff.”

“The tour of the school made it stand out significantly from others… The children spoke with confidence and came across as happy and content in their environment. The facilities are modern, bright and well maintained. The work on display was impressive and spoke for itself.”

“I think it’s amazing how they use props – Fred, Mr Croc, Winnie the Witch etc to make lessons more interesting. Forest School is also a great initiative.”

“I was recommended by other parents, and very pleased with my choice for my child’s place of education.”

“There is a lovely, calm, caring atmosphere in school.”

“My child loves this school. He has established good relationships with all teachers and friendship with other children. I’m glad to see him go to school excitedly and come home happily every day.”

” A friend has enquired about Harris as she is concerned with its “good” status. I told her it doesn’t reflect the changes made since that report came out.”

“This school is absolutely fantastic. The Headteacher is hands on with everything. Very polite and approachable”

“My daughter has made exceptional progress throughout the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 so far.”

“With (my child’s) special needs he has certain interests that he talks about constantly. I am very impressed how his teacher incorporates his interests into his learning which keeps him focused.”

“My child comes home every day from school, happy and excited on what he has learned. This makes us happy and grateful as parents.”

“I chose Harris Primary School for my child as I was impressed when came to visit. The headteacher showed us around and it was evidence that she knew the children well… I have a very happy boy that loves his school.”

“My child is highly motivated to learn as a result of the lessons in school. Her usual feedback is, “we had an awesome lesson today” or “it was brilliant”.”

“The Leadership Award is an excellent initiative and highly visible in school. ‘Harris Standard’ is clearly understood by my child.”

“Harris has an established history of good education for pupils for many years, consistently providing good results.”

“We like the ethos and the core values of the school. Exemplar EYFS teaching to start our children’s education. Well led school who values the pupils.”

“We chose to send our children to the Harris after visiting the school and thinking Mrs Gregory seemed like a very good head. We are really pleased with our choice as all three children have thrived at the Harris – we are really pleased with all aspects.”

“I chose this school because the reputation was exceptional. I have not been disappointed.”

“The pupils are very sociable and confident with good manners. Staff appear motivated and approachable with high expectations.”

“My child had problems at another school. She is really happy here.”

“We chose Harris Primary as my husband and myself and other family members have previously attended and so know it’s a good school. As well as being taught to a good academic standard, children learn other key skills and are encouraged how to behave and do their best.”

“The school promotes very good behaviour among pupils. Children are encouraged to aim high and have positive attitudes.”

“A lovely school with a positive ethos.”

“Excellent behaviours and attitude and this is expanded outside of school.”

“The Harris Primary has good leadership. Mrs Gregory is very good with everyone. The standard of education is high. There is no snobbery and everyone, including the children are treated fairly.”

“I am amazed how well my child is getting on and progressing. I can bring him to school worry-free and he loves his school, friends and teachers. He also seems to have a hunger for knowledge which can only reflect on the Harris staff for working so hard with him.”

“My child promotes his “high standards” at home and is quick to tell me if my standards aren’t to “his”. I also like the fact that other children are given responsibilities such as looking after children who have development problems, as opposed to bullying them which occurs when they are not educated to understand and sympathise.”

“The school is excellent and promotes good education and in addition good behaviour is encouraged both in and out of school. It is a smart school. The teachers are fantastic, credit to them.”

“Fantastic school and the teachers are kind, friendly and caring. The school is well run and the standards are very high.”

“We live close to the school. We moved there because we wanted our children to go to the school. We are very happy with all aspects of the school and our son is very happy to go every day!”

“I am really pleased with the quality of education that my children receive at The Harris. They are both happy and flourishing thanks to the brilliant teaching and learning going on.”

“Senior management lead the school very effectively and are very visible in school and at events.”