Aim Higher


Harris pupils aim higher!


Our school motto is “Aim Higher” and we encourage the children to do their best in everything they do.

We aim to give children firm foundations for life through our varied and stimulating curriculum, our inclusive approach to learning and by opening up the wider world to the children, showing them that anything is possible.

Learning is central to everything we do and good learning skills are promoted from the moment a child enters our school.

We recognise talent and individuality in all our pupils and encourage them to share their interests with the whole school community. Harris pupils are keen to learn, talented and well supported both at home and in their lessons.

We encourage the children to hope for the best and to dream big dreams. With our emphasis on teaching good character traits and strong leadership skills, we hope that they will make a valuable and ethical contribution to which ever sphere of life they find themselves in, in the future.

We encourage the children to be true citizens of the world. Through our assemblies, collective worship and wide ranging curriculum we help them to explore the world and have a deeper understanding of how others live.


Harry is a citizen of the world.Where in the world will Harry be taking his suitcase this week?

We promote British values both in our curriculum and in daily school life . We value the contribution of all pupils, staff and visitors whatever their background or faith position and celebrate special events when they occur.

We promote mutual respect for and tolerance of all faiths and beliefs.

We teach children the value of the democratic process and the rule of law.

Individual liberty is promoted across the curriculum and throughout school in general.

National events such as Remembrance Day and Royal events are marked with pride in our school.

A link to our British Values Statement can be found here. British Values Statement

Please look at more detailed descriptions of how we promote learning, inclusion, character, leadership and possibilities on the tabs indicated.


Harris pupils help one another.